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McNeal Made Candle co

McNeal Made Discovery Box

McNeal Made Discovery Box

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Unwrap a world of scent-sational surprises with the McNeal Made Discovery Box!

Imagine... a treasure trove of captivating aromas delivered right to your door, ready to ignite your senses and spark curiosity. That's the magic of the McNeal Made Discovery Box, your monthly passport to a world of unique fragrance experiences.

Each box is a hand-curated journey, bursting with delightful surprises:

    • A hand-poured candle (7-10 oz), crafted with love and attention to detail, fills your space with warm, comforting glow and captivating scent. Let it transport you to a place of tranquility and relaxation.
    • A variety of wax melts (6-8 oz) in different forms cater to your mood and preferences. Simply melt them in your favorite warmer and let the room come alive with their alluring notes.
    • A delightful freshie/car diffuser adds a burst of freshness to any space. Hang it in your car, closet, or anywhere that needs a revitalizing touch.

But that's not all! The McNeal Made Discovery Box is more than just products. It's:

    • An invitation to explore: Discover new, enchanting fragrances every month and expand your scent horizons.
    • A gift of joy: Share the mystery and delight with loved ones – it's the perfect present for scent enthusiasts!
    • A community connection: Join a vibrant group of fragrance fanatics who share your passion for captivating aromas.

Elevate your senses, embrace the mystery, and unlock a world of enchanting aromas, one box at a time. Subscribe to the McNeal Made Discovery Box today!

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