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Deodorizing Room Spray | Freshen Instantly & Eliminate Odors

Deodorizing Room Spray | Freshen Instantly & Eliminate Odors

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Transform your space in seconds with a refreshingly clean burst of fragrance. Our handcrafted room spray, made with phthalate-free scents, eliminates unwanted odors and infuses your home with an inviting aroma. It's the perfect pick-me-up before guests arrive, or a quick way to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere for unwind time.

More than just a quick fix, our spray complements your home décor. Display the sleek amber glass bottle anywhere – it adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom, foyer, nightstand, laundry room, office, or even on your linens.

Say goodbye to generic air fresheners! This thoughtfully crafted spray pairs beautifully with our soy blend candles, wax melts, and laundry detergent in the same fragrance – creating a cohesive scent story throughout your home.

Looking for the perfect gift? Our room spray is ideal for birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, and any occasion where you want to share a little luxury.

Experience the difference of small-batch, handcrafted quality. Each bottle is made with care using high-quality ingredients, ensuring a long-lasting scent that pampers your senses.

Our Scents:

  • Baccarat (type): Top - Jasmine, Saffron, Middle - Fir Resin, Cedar, Bottom - Amberwood, Ambergris
  • Birthday Cake: Top: Frosting, Middle: Yellow Cake, Bakery Bottom: Vanilla
  • Black Cherry Merlot: Top notes: Dark Cherries, Middle notes: Black Raspberry, Currant, Base notes: Vanilla, Merlot
  • Brazilian Crush: Top: Pistachio, Almond, Middle: Heliotrope, Jasmine, Bottom: Caramel, Sandalwood, Salt, Vanilla
  • Butterscotch (Type): Top notes: Cream, Butterscotch, Middle notes: (none listed), Base notes: Vanilla, Musk
  • Butterfly Garden: Top: Lily of the Valley, Green Leaves, Pear, Middle: Rose, Jasmine, Lilac, Base: Vanilla, Carnation
  • Caribbean Teakwood: Top: Citrus, Middle: Spice, Lavender, Bottom: Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla
  • Cereal Milk: Top notes: Lemon, Lime, Citrus, Middle notes: Cereal, Milk, Orange, Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood
  • Cocoa Butter Cashmere: Top notes: Coconut, Amber, Middle notes: Jasmine, Cocoa Butter, Base notes: Cedar Wood, Musk
  • Cotton Candy: Top: Strawberry, Middle: Cotton Candy
  • Creme Brulee: Top: Coconut, Caramelized Sugar, Middle: Rum, Custard, Bottom: Vanilla, Maple
  • Lakeside Morning: Top: Fruity, Green, Middle: Ozone, Floral, Bottom: Woody, Musk
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles: Top: Pecan, butter, coconut, Middle: Pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, cherry, pecans, Bottom: Maple, vanilla, musk
  • Raspberry Sugar: Top: Raspberry, Middle: Lily, Plum Blossom, Bottom: Sugar Crystals
  • Starlight: Top: Green tea notes, Middle: Bergamot, Papyrus, Bottom: Amber
  • Strawberry Banana: Top notes: Sweet Strawberries, Lemon Zest, Middle notes: Ripe Bananas, Bottom notes: Smooth Vanilla and Whipped Cream
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Top notes: Sweet Strawberries, Lemon Zest, Middle notes: Fluffy Pound Cake, Sugar Crystals, Base notes: Whipped Cream, Vanilla
  • Summer Breeze: Top: Lily, Jasmine, Middle: Sugar, Amber, Bottom: Musk, Vanilla
  • Vanilla Latte: Top: Coffee, Middle: Sweet Notes, Bottom: Creamy Vanilla
  • Vanilla Woods: Top: Vanilla, Middle: Lavender, Bottom: Smoky notes, woody notes
  • Volcano: Top notes: Citrus, Lemon, Middle notes: Lime, Grapefruit, Base notes: Fruit, Greenery

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